Labelling , Re-labelling and Repackaging services

Alongside our devanning services we also now offer specialised labelling and re-labelling services to our clients. 
Labelling and re-labelling is often a slow, time-consuming process. Free up your staff to get on with other more important jobs and outsource your labelling and re-labelling needs to the experts here at NZ Devanning. 

Our methodical and experienced staff will take care of the whole labelling process for you. Our labelling and relabelling service is available to clients off-site, on-site in our warehouse or at your premises. 

We can change labels, tags or bar codes and re-lable a wide variety of product including wine bottles, FMCG, cloths and garments including garment finishing services, clothing tags, swing tickets, hem tags and branded apparel. Labels can be used to attract the consumer's attention with special offers, discounts or other promotions. 

Whether it's mis-labelled or incorrectly labelled product that has been imported and needs to conform to NZ standards we provide a fast, reliable, customised service that takes care of all your labelling requirements, including: 

  • Bar codes
  • Price labels and tags
  • Promotional labels
  • Clothing tags, swing tickets and hem tags
  • Re-packaging of the products (changing packaging size)
  • Promotional assembly 


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